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Beck_returns_from_dead_in_Chiller - Beck returns LOS ANGELES (AP) - Michael Michael...
Beck returns LOS ANGELES (AP) - Michael Michael Beck plays a man who is returned returned to life after 10 years in a deep freeze, but, in searching for the character's essence, the actor needed to know whether the soul came back, too. "I'd never done a horror picture before," said Beck, who gained attention attention for his role as the scheming scheming evangelist in the miniseries "Celebrity." "The director was Wes Craven, who'd done a lot of these kind of pictures. I met with him because I wanted to know exactly what kind of picture 'Chiller' was to be. It had to be scary, but I wanted it to be a cut above and not a slasher picture. More like Alfred Hitchcock." Hitchcock." The movie is about a man who is brought back to life after 10 years In cryogenic suspension. But he is not the same man as before. He is ruthless and arrogant. "The thing I wanted to be very clear about was whether the soul returns," he said. "That's the question the film asks: If medical science ever gets to the point where it can bring people back to life, does the soul return? That was the thing that intrigued me. I've never played a role like this before. I've played crazy guys, but never somebody without a soul." The movie, which CBS will show Wednesday, May 22, also stars Beatrice Beatrice Straight and Paul Sorvino. Beck was interviewed prior to leaving for London, where he will star opposite Lauren Bacall in Tennessee Williams' "Sweet Bird of Youth" at the Haymarket Theatre. Theatre. He will also be seen in "Blackout," "Blackout," a whodunit for Home Box Office to be broadcast later this year. "It's a contemporary film, but it has a 1940s feel to it," he said. "Richard Widmark really helps bring that kind of feeling to it. He plays a cop from Ohio and I'm a cop in Washington State and he comes to my town looking for a murderer." "Blackout," which was filmed in Vancouver, Canada, also stars Keith Carradine and Kathleen Quintan. Beck, a native of Arkansas who from dead in was trained at London's Central School of Speech and Drama, will spend six months doing "Sweet Bird of Youth." "This is the most exciting thing that's happened to me in 15 years of acting," he said. "Harold Pinter is directing. It's one of my favorite Tennessee Williams plays. And to work with a legend like Bacall. In fact, just to be able to work on the stage again is wonderful." wonderful." Beck said he flew to New York for the audition, where he met Miss Bacall. "I was to shoot exteriors for 'Chiller' the day before in Griffith Park and there was only one day before Harold Pinter went back to London," he recalled. "It didn't look like I could make it on the red eye. But it rained and I caught the red eye to New York. I got there at 7 a.m. "I took a room at the Algonquin BEST OF MOTOWN t MARTIAL ARTS THE LAST DRAGON FEATURING THE MUSIC Of STEVIE WONDER. VANITY OESAROE fPG-13) fPG-13) fPG-13) 7;H?;13 HELD OVER 2ND SMASH WEEK THE CARE BEARS MOVIE THEY'RE IRRESTIBLE IN THEIR MOVIE DEBUTI (C) 7:108:50 mow ;?i"r.iAS!C" (PC-1 (PC-1 (PC-1 3) Z,:S "LADYHAWKE'li (PO-J3) (PO-J3) (PO-J3) 37:15 9:05 "FRATERNITY VACATION" () 4:; "USTDRIGOJCg.j, 7:1$ 9:00 "DEF-C0H4" "DEF-C0H4" "DEF-C0H4" 'Chiller' and slept a few hours. I got to the theater at noon to meet Pinter. He told me to come back at five to audition with Bacall. I did a scene with her and they asked me to wait outside. I lit a cigarette and smoked only half of it before they came back and told me I had the role." Beck said the play may move to New York after its London run. Beck's wife, Cari, and their 2-year-old 2-year-old 2-year-old 2-year-old 2-year-old son will be with him in London. "I think this will be very exciting exciting for Cari," he said. "She's never been to Europe. I think she'll love London. I lived there for five years. She's writing a screenplay that takes place in England. She had a block and now she can see the places she's writing writing about. It will be disruptive to the family, but it's better than going on location for a film." HELD OVER MADONNA'tTttUTI HE STUM PESPEMTELT SEEMS SIISH nu 7-9 7-9 7-9 JI.'U.'Ht 942 5139) HI MADI THE f CORK NOW HI'S THf TAROET GOTCHA po 13 7:10 :IO CHUCK MORRIS THf WORLDS TOUGHEST COP CODE OF SILENCE. 3 RING If rd AMERICA'S 2ND LAMEST CIRCUS hf7 -l -l Htm 0 Tint Hums 01 IF I taa 2 Suom Und Tkkta FU KM San WM Anm Man NM LmjM Craa lMll L 1 1 AUNFON PLAZA SHOPPING CNTR, ft fJfM U - " SOUTH Hi 8471 f

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  1. The News Leader,
  2. 07 May 1985, Tue,
  3. Page 13

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